Erika and Jason

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Our Story

Erika Vicencio and Lloyd Jason Gregg met in ninth grade (2001) when they were assigned to each other as Biology Lab Partners. Erika was new to the area and was still quite shy- none of which mattered to Jason. He instantly decided they would be friends and made her laugh and talk until they truly were. Funnily enough, they grew closer through the magic and glorious awkwardness of Marching Band and eventually became high school sweethearts. However they later parted ways after attending separate colleges- Jason to Old Dominion University and Erika to Virginia Tech. They didn't have much contact after that.

Nine years later, through true serendipity, they ran into each other on the street while both vacationing in Colorado. And that was all it took! Everything after that was like reuniting with a Best Friend...until they both realized it was much more than that.
The following year, with both families present, Jason proposed to Erika on Christmas Eve with a ring tucked in a box, buried within another box, which was also in another box- which held a decoy Christmas present.

Now, they can't wait to begin this next chapter of their lives together! And what better way, than to celebrate with you on that same date of that fateful day they reunited - March 3rd!

Thank you to everyone who braved the crazy weather and traveled from near and far! We had our Dream Wedding thanks to you all! Even if you could not make it, we so appreciate everyone's well wishes and prayers! We are beyond blessed to have amazing family and friends like you all. We are so excited to be husband and wife now and look forward to adventuring into this next chapter of our lives! Thank you all for your love and support!